Qu’est ce que la dysfonction érectile?

Qu’est ce que la dysfonction érectile? La dysfonction érectile touche de nombreux hommes. Les problèmes générés par ce phénomène sont nombreux et affectent la vie quotidienne des hommes et leur moral . Il existe des solutions pour retrouver une fonction érectile Le dysfonctionnement érectile (DE) survient lorsqu’un homme ne peut pas avoir d’érection pour avoir […]

French women are the least sexually fulfilled in Europe.

It is on the occasion of orgasm day of 21 December that a study has been published by the IFOP, and it concerns the sexual well-being of European women. Although there have been major developments in the field over the last few decades, French women are in last place among the six countries surveyed in […]

A project to improve the sexuality and sexual health of the over 45s

If the sexuality of young adults and thirty-somethings, as well as that of seniors, is a passion for researchers and specialists in the field, an age group sometimes seems to be forgotten in the various studies conducted and in advertisements: 45 and over. Not yet enough old to be Senior but too old to enter […]